16 Jun, 2024

About Author

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Wanna get to know me?

Hey there! I am so elated to see you here. 

SEO Content Writer
I’m Cath behind the Write with Cath - blog.

I write content related to motherhood, personal development, lifestyle and everything in between.

A bit more about me

I’m a work from home momma of 1 boy.  


I am on a mission to write captivating content, informational blog articles, and relatable stories that would inspire and help brighten up your day wherever you are in life and in the world.


Did I tell you that I love learning and discovering new skills? Oh well. 

I believe that Self-discovery is a never-ending journey. Therefore, you’ll find a lot of self-help articles on this site that can help you navigate through the motherhood and adulting life. 

Here is what you can expect from this blog;

  • Empowering and Relatable Blogs

  • Unfiltered Motherhood Stories

  • Life Updates (that nobody asks for lol)

  • Home & Living Organization tips