Baguio City: Gabriel’s first trip to the City of Pines 
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Baguio City: Gabriel’s first trip to the City of Pines 

We took our son on his first-ever trip to the City of Pines, Baguio. As new parents, we wanted to take our child to a new place or city at least once a year. That started in December 2022.


What better destination to go near Manila for a quick getaway than, of course, the City of Pines, Baguio City?

We are traveling with 3 more friends who already bought a ticket for us while they were waiting for us. 

We chose to ride from PITX (Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange) because the bus to Baguio departs every hour. If we travel from Cubao Terminal, the earliest trip was around 9 a.m. We wanted to leave early so PITX was the best option for us though it’s quite far from our house, about 1-2 hours with traffic. 


The fare was 750 each.. 

Dylan on the Bus

On the road to Baguio, Dylan was just sleeping most of the time. He would wake up, would look out the window, put his hand on it, and look so amazed. He likes road trips. 

Gabriel’s first trip to the City of Pines

Where to Stay in Baguio

We stayed at La Casa Jesonmar. This is walking distance from SM Baguio.


The transient rate was 6000 for 2 nights and we got the whole house by ourselves. 


It has 1 bedroom on the 2nd floor and an attic room that can accommodate about 8 people. 


The interior was so rustic and gave me that cozy, Baguio countryside feel.


The owner was very accommodating and friendly. She even recommends some places we could go to.. The kitchen utensils can be used so long as you keep the place clean.

Where to stay in Baguio
Where to stay in the City of Pines

There is also Wifi available so you can work remotely if you’re going to stay here.

We love the living area so much because of the wood interiors that make the place so laid back, rustic indeed. We stayed here most of the time. It was perfect for a barkada group and even for family. 


Dada and his friends had a drinking session on our first night and they seem to feel at home. 

Gabriel was one of  the boys, too. 

We enjoyed our stay and it feels like we are a local. 


You can message them on their Facebook page: La Casa Jessonmar if you want to book this transient. 

Traveling with an Infant

Traveling with an infant is quite a struggle. Although,  this is Dylan’s first trip to the City of Pines,  we didn’t plan for any place to visit famous spots other than the usual Burnham park. 


But since Dylan loves the outdoors, walking around at night wasn’t a problem. We just made sure his clothes are comfy but not too warm. Yes, it’s Baguio. The weather is cold but boy, this child is sweating on a regular jacket. lol

On our first night, we went to SM Baguio to meet a friend, Noemi. She was my former colleague at my first job in a BPO company. The last time we saw each other was when we resigned from that job and took separate paths, about 5 years ago. 


There she is happily carrying my little boy. Dylan just keeps staring at her. That’s how he makes friends. He would stare at a person’s face first for a little while. Then, eventually, play or laugh with them. 


This little boy sure knows how to watch people. Lol. I guess that is his way of feeling the vibe if he would like someone or not. 


I am just so grateful also that this little boy is not a crybaby. He loves the outdoors as much as Dada and I do. He only cries when he is bored or hungry and of course, when tired.. And he gets bored easily.

Where to Eat

Good Taste Restaurant

If it’s also your first trip to the City of Pines, this is a must-try. Your Baguio experience is incomplete if you don’t dine at Good Taste Restaurant. It’s a famous restaurant in Baguio where tourists, and even locals, would line up in long queues just to eat inside.


And because we waited in line for more than 30 minutes, we were already hungry the moment we got to our table. We ordered a lot. Thanks to our friend, Aaron, who treated us to all these yummy dishes. 

Good taste restaurant in Baguio CIty

Walking around Burnham Park

We initially planned to recreate our photos here in Burnham Park. The photos that we took on our first time here when we weren’t even a couple yet back in 2019. But because we just wanted to chill, we completely forgot about it. 


After our lunch at Good Taste, we went separate ways – our friends went to the Botanical Garden while we stayed at Burnham to just walk around. 

What to do in BUrnham park

As we walked around, we passed by an area with flower vendors. I’ve been telling Dada that I like sunflowers so he got me these sunflowers. 


Sometimes, you have to let your husband know what you want so they can get it for you. Otherwise, they are clueless about what you like to receive. (kidding aside, thank you Dada)


So tada! I got my bouquet.. 

As a family traveling to Baguio without an itinerary and with an Infant, here’s what we did at Burnham Park:

  • Walk around Burnham Park
  • Buy flowers from the local vendors
  • Eat Strawberry Taho
  • People Watch at the Burnham Lake
  • Feel the cold breeze at the moment

Since it’s Christmas time, Christmas Village here in Baguio is a must-visit. We hopped on a taxi and took our luck to visit Christmas Village. And because we left the house late at night already, the queue going inside the Christmas Village was so long. And the traffic was extremely insane. It makes me dizzy. 


We opted to not get off the taxi and just go back to session road to wait for the night market. Goodbye Christmas Village, we will see you in December 2023.


And so, we waited at the night market just to buy my slippers because my foot hurts badly. 


Dylan was also starting to get a little fussy so we had to go back to transient already.

City of pInes at night

Our baby won’t remember this. He is too young and maybe clueless of what’s happening nbut this is one of his milestoes we are grateful to experience with him. 


Only Dada and I will remember this first trip with him. But we hope he keeps this place close to his heart so he would later feel this is special. This is just one of the many more adventures we are going to do with our son.


We will take our child to more places as he grows older. This blog is a manifestation that we will move to Baguio 2 years from now. This place is where we want to raise our kids. 


We are definitely going back to Baguio. 


Traveling and vacation can still be fun even if you don’t have lots of tourist spots to visit. Sometimes, you just have to sit still in one or two places and feel the vibe, the moment, the cold air, watch the locals and breathe in the gift of life in the present time.


The little mundane moments of our trip to the City of Pines makes it even more a vacation to remember. 

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