Nurture Your Child’s Development with Musical Circle Time
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Nurture Your Child’s Development with Musical Circle Time

When we were looking for a play school where we could enroll my 23-month-old son, we came across this Musical Circle Time type of playgroup. 


Musical Circle time is a music-based learning beneficial for fostering your child’s socialization experiences, improving gross motor & cognitive skills, and preparing your child for formal school setup. 


My son is very interested in music through guitar so the program is a great way to strengthen his interest while also learning to interact with other kids. 


After the 4 weekly sessions with Musical Circle Time where my son is enrolled, he has improved his socialization skills, enhanced his language development, and became a storyteller by telling everyone at home what he did at playschool. 

Isn’t that fascinating? 

5 benefits of musical circle time

Enhance Socialization Skills

Before their music play class starts, they have 15 minutes of free play. 


Toddlers get to interact with other kids, share toys, and learn how to wait for their turn. This helps them to overcome shyness.


They were seated in a circle form allowing each one to see what others were doing and making it easier to interact with one another. 


Once the session starts, they have a song called ‘’Good morning’’ and ‘’Hello (name), how are you’’. 


Whenever they sing the hello songs, each child gets to know their classmates’ names and engages with them. 


Through positive reinforcement, every child feels involved and is encouraged to participate in the activity by calling their name.  


I love that on Day 1, my son is smiling all ears while saying hello to his classmate beside him.

Improves Language Learning

Toddlers naturally imitate what they hear and see.


My son would listen intently to the energetic and lively teacher through the circle time songs as she started singing and clapping to the rhythm. 


There is also a story time portion where the teacher reads a book with them. With this, he is learning new words. 


My son doesn’t engage right away, he observes first. He would focus on the movements and music first.


Then later on, he will participate by clapping, dancing, and completing the lyrics of the song. 


I’m even surprised that when we got home, he was randomly singing ‘’what’s the weather’’. And mind you, he memorized the lyrics already. (that makes me a proud mama)

Improving their vocabulary at an early age is important for them to communicate well. Music-based activities is a huge help with that. 

Eventually, this helps him to improve the way he communicates and express himself.

circle time playgroup

Nurture Gross Motor & Cognitive skills

At musical circle time, they jump, clap, run, and move their bodies following the song’s rhythm. 


This is important in early childhood as it develops their physical balance and control of their body.


It’s funny and cute at the same time that my son tries to jump with his two feet up but he can’t yet. He can only jump with his left foot and still balances his body. 


I can see him repeating it over and over again as he observes and imitates his teacher and other classmates. 

Music also helps in enhancing their brain development. They learn to understand a pattern. Since every session the activity is quite repetitive in some way, toddlers slowly learn to recognize the process. 


As they listen to the lyrics, beats, and rhythm of the music, they incorporate it into physical actions. 


When the teacher said it was clean-up time, toddlers (with parents’ help) would start to get up, pick up the toys, and put them back in the boxes where they belong. 

Baby playing with stacking toy

Routine Competence

Playing different musical instruments and coloring activities are just two of the activities we did at the circle time. 


Each one will be given one instrument such as a tambourine. Teachers will start to play the music, sing, and show everyone how to use the instrument. 


She encourages each one to participate every time by calling out their names. 


And when they’re done, toddlers need to return the instrument to the teacher.


In our first session, my son would be upset when it was time to return the instrument. Through repetition of the pattern every session, he eventually learned that returning it to the teacher is part of the activity. 


On day 3, he would already initiate to stand up and return the materials to the teacher. 

Also, when they sing the ‘’goodbye song’’, he would already raise his hands which means it’s time for him to get his stamp on his hand. 

musical playgroup

Parent and Child Special Bond

At home, we sometimes do multiple things while playing with our kids. Sometimes, this makes them feel neglected with attention and affection.


The playschool we are in allows at least 1 parent inside the room to guide the child in participating in the activities. 


This creates a special bond between the parent and child as they both play with undivided attention. 


Early childhood development is crucial in every child. Whenever we are in the playgroup, it allows me to witness the development milestones of my son. 


I was able to document his activities in every session. This is a milestone worth keeping memories of. 


As parents, we wanted to be involved with their growth so enrolling in this musical circle time playgroup is a good decision. 


It allowed us to have a weekly routine of going to playschool to learn and play at the same time. 


parent and child bond at playschool

Why do we recommend Musical Circle time for Toddlers?

Our musical circle time playgroup experience had a positive influence in fostering my son’s development in different aspects such as in cognitive and socialization experiences.


We can see him enjoying every movement, every song, every activity and even looking forward to it every weekend. 


We find it also fascinating that he learns to tell a story because of this. 


Every time we got home, we would ask him what we did at playschool. 


He would tell me ‘’Play xylophone, jump, dance with the teacher, what’s the weather’’ and then proudly show me and his grandparents the stamp on his hand. 


Experience indeed makes every person a storyteller. 


If you’re within Pasig or Mandaluyong City and looking for an engaging Playschool for your toddler, we recommend A Musical Circle Time with T. Angel. 


If your child has joined Circle Time before, I would love to know your experience in the comments below. 

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